Bespoke Bird Deterrent Installations

Bespoke Bird Deterrent Installations.

Kent Bird Control Services design and install bespoke pigeon and seagull proofing.

There are times where standard bird proofing can not be met.

In these instances we can design and install bespoke bird control deterrents to meet your needs.

An example of this, which we carried out for Debenhams, was to protect raised air conditioning units on a platform.

We installed posts around the permitter of the fencing, then installed a tensioned wire system, then protected the sides and top with bird control netting.

A zip was installed to allow for access to the air con units.

This stopped seagulls from destroying the pipe lagging and from nesting under the units.

That is just one example of what Kent Bird Control Services can do.

If you are wondering how to protect your premises from pest birds get in touch and we will advise on the best solution for you.

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