Kent bird control Medway Rochester Gillingham

Kent bird control Medway Rochester Gillingham.

We install bird spikes, netting, electronic bird deterrents to get rid of pest birds.

Our Bird control company in Medway Rochester and Gillingham install a range of professional bird deterrents to protect your premises from pest pigeons or seagulls.

Our friendly and knowledgeable bird control technicians are on hand to provide free site visits anywhere in Kent to survey your domestic or commercial property and discuss the best pigeon or seagull deterrent to get rid of pest birds.

We have an extensive range of durable products that can be installed and will guard against future invasions from birds.

Pigeon and seagull deterrents:

Anti roosting bird spikes – These do not harm birds but will change their habits.

Pigeon and seagull netting – One of our most popular products that will last for many years.

Solar Panel Protection – Long lasting, effective wire mesh system to stop pigeons from nesting under solar panels.

Post and wire systems – Ideal for narrow ledges and roof edges.

Avishock – An electronic bird control track system that is discreet and effective against pigeons.

It should be noted that all our pigeon and seagull deterrents are designed to change the behaviour and habits of pest birds not to harm them in any way.

Other bird control services we provide in Medway Rochester Gillingham.

In addition to fitting deterrents we can also carry out bird waste cleaning services prior to fitting anti roosting spikes, bird netting, electronic bird deterrent systems and post and wire systems.

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How we conduct ourselves.

We are very much aware of our environmental and social responsibilities when dealing with pest pigeons and seagulls in Kent.

Kent Bird Control Services operate under the general and class licenses issued by Natural England to undertake removal of bird nests and management of birds.

All work is carried out in line with Natural England Licensing, DEFRA and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

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Other Bird Deterrents and Services

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Bird Control Spikes

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Bird Waste Cleaning


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