Bird Waste Cleaning

Bird Waste Cleaning in Kent

Pigeon Guano and Seagull Droppings Removal Services

A word of warning – Bird waste removal should only be carried out by professionals with the correct respiratory equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Bird Droppings Health Risks

There are many diseases associated with bird waste – some more dangerous than others.

If you discover small amounts that simply look unsightly you can remove the this yourself with the appropriate fluids, face mask and gloves.

Large amounts of bird guano contain a variety of known diseases and secondary infestations such as maggots surrounding dead carcasses of birds, fleas and bird mites which can cause pinprick size lesions and small red bumps. You will often get that itchy feeling!

The main diseases which birds can transmit can be broken down into 3 categories, they are:

  • Bacterial
  • Fungal
  • Viral

Known diseases include:

Histoplasmosis– A fungal disease that is spread to people if they breath in droppings dust.

Salmonella– this could be present in some bird droppings. It is a bacterial infection that can cause significant diarrhoea through the ingestion of contaminated water and food stuffs.

Cryptococcosis – Caused by the systemic pathogenic yeasts which is carried in the intestines of birds. When bird waste is disturbed the fungus contaminates the air. Can affect lungs and nervous system.

Risk assessment for cleaning pigeon droppings.

If you discover bird waste at you premises in Kent – STOP and call the experts.

We will arrange a complete site survey to assess the damage and make our recommendations to you.

A full risk assessment will be carried out to ascertain how to carry out the bird waste removal with the minimal disruption.

Bird waste in vast amounts can also cause structural damage as the weight, and acidic content in the droppings can have an effect on building material.

We have the correct waste disposal procedures in place in line with our environmental responsibilities.

After care on completion of bird waste removal in Kent.

Once all the bird waste has been removed a complete sanitization of the affected area must be carried out. We use a specialist avian biocide to do this.

You will need to consider having bird deterrents installed to prevent a repeat of the infestation.

Kent Bird Control Services install a range of effective bird control deterrents such as bird netting or pigeon and gull spikes to deter birds.

Other Bird Deterrents and Services

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Bird Control Spikes Kent

Bird Control Netting

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