Chimney Guard to stop seagulls from nesting

Chimney Guard to stop seagulls from nesting

Chimney Guard to stop seagulls from nesting

Kent Bird Control services offer a variety of bird deterrents to stop gulls from nesting on chimney pots.

As the population of seagulls increases so does the demand for nesting spots.

Commonly a coastal bird, they have been moving inland for a number of years to take advantage of nesting areas provided by domestic and commercial dwellings.

Around March time you may notice increased activity on your roof as they seek a new home. There will be lots of squawking and bravado as they claim their territory.

And that new territory could easily be your chimney!

Apart from the noise, the mess and the potential from attack and swooping when the young are born there is a risk that low level chimney flues could be blocked from nesting material.

Having a chimney guard installed is a great way to stop gulls.

We have seen lots of DIY jobs – anything from barbed wire to flying imitation birds!. STOP! These simply do not work and barbed wire is an inhumane way of approaching, and dealing with the problem.

To be sure that your property is protected Kent Bird Control Services can fit a bespoke chimney guard.

We will attend your premises to fit a strong wire mesh chimney cage that is 100% guaranteed to keep the birds away.

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