Ashford Pest Pigeon and Seagull Control.

Ashford is our home town although we cover the whole of the county for pest bird control.

As a rapidly expanding town we expect problems with seagulls and pigeons to worsen.

Most of the issues we have encountered surround the town centre itself and most of those relate to pest pigeon control.

How we can help with problem pigeons.

Very much a town dweller. Always on the lookout for discarded food stuff and plenty of places to nest – particularly the older builders around Park Mall and the shopping area.

We provide can install a range of effective bird control products for commercial buildings including shops and larger retail outlets, offices, car parks.

Domestic Bird Control in Ashford.

Fortunately, pigeons are not much of a problem in areas surrounding Ashford. As previously mentioned they tend to live around the town centre.

The most common, and growing problem we face are nesting pigeons under solar panels.

We receive more calls on this issue that any other. You can therefore imagine we are experts at protecting solar panels.

Seagulls becoming an issue in Ashford.

Seagulls are adjusting and becoming more of an urban bird nesting behind chimney stacks, in between chimneys and on flat roofs.

We can protect these areas by installing bird control spikes to prevent nesting. We also install tensioned bird netting systems to prevent gulls from landing on flat roofs and in gulleys.

Whatever bird control problem you are encountering – whether its pest pigeons or loud, aggressive gulls it pays to call the experts.

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