Broadstairs Pest Pigeon and Seagull Control.

Often, we travel to the very edge of the Garden of England for pest bird control.

I would say it is one of our favourite places to go. Maybe for not the right reasons so a Sunday trip might be in order!

Broadstairs is brimming with nostalgia making it a favourable seaside destination.

With its high buildings and flat roof tops it makes it an ideal breeding ground for seagulls – and there is no shortage of them!

How we can help with pest seagulls.

We have spent many days in this quaint seaside town dealing with pest seagulls on both domestic and commercial premises.

During the early part of the nesting season you will often hear their loud cries and squawking as they fight for territory.

As professional bird deterrent installers we have a range of robust professional products to stop seagulls invading your premises.

This include seagull deterrent spikes, seagull control netting, electronic and audible bird scarers, daddi long legs and post and wire systems.

Do you have a problem with pest pigeons in Broadstairs?

You might discover a few pigeons landing on your property looking for shelter. Favourite places include lofts where they gain access via a broken or lose tiles, in fascia sections under the gutters -usually caused by rotting end sections of wooden fascia panels. The favourite areas include the rear of buildings which offer shelter from the elements.

We receive more calls than any other about pigeons nesting underneath solar panels. You can therefore imagine we are experts at protecting solar panels from pest birds in Broadstairs.

Bird netting, pigeon control spikes, tensioned post and wire systems and other pigeon control deterrent can be installed.

We will advise once we have carried out a site survey to determine the best bird control solution.

Whatever bird control problem you are encountering – whether its pest pigeons or noisy, aggressive gulls it pays to call Kent Bird Control Services.

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