Folkestone and Dover

Pest Pigeon and Seagull Control in Folkestone and Dover.

The busiest of port towns in the county of Kent often attracts large numbers of pigeons and seagulls.

Numbers of seagulls have increased over the years. The local council have tried culling, but their view is that culling does not work and that young will only take up territory where adults once occupied.

So how can our bird control company in Folkestone and Dover help?

During the early part of the nesting and breeding season you will often hear the loud cries and squawking of gulls as they fight for territory.

Once the nest is formed and the eggs hatched they have been known to become very aggressive towards members of the public.

You might have experienced this in your own home when you approach the house or try to go in the garden.

As professional bird deterrent installers we have a range of robust professional products to stop seagulls invading your premises.

This include seagull control spikes, seagull netting, electronic and audible bird scarers, daddi long legs and post and wire systems for ledges and ridges.

We have spent many hours in Folkestone and Dover dealing with pest seagulls on both domestic and commercial premises.

Do you have a problem with pest pigeons in Folkestone and Dover?

Pigeons invading your home or commercial premises is a serious problem only if left to spiral out of control. Our best advice is as soon as you discover a problem call us!

You might discover just a few pigeons landing on your property looking for shelter.

Favourite places include lofts where they gain access via a broken or lose tile.

In fascia sections under the gutters. Usually caused by rotting end sections of wooden fascia panels.

The most common problem we are contacted about is pigeons nesting underneath solar panels on roofs.

We carry out this bird proofing work in Folkestone and Dover more than any other type of pest bird control. It’s a real problem!

Kent Bird Control Services also install pigeon control netting, bird deterrent spikes, tensioned post and wire systems and other pigeon control deterrents can be installed.

Once we have carried out a full site survey we will discuss the best bird control solution with you.

Whatever bird control problem you are encountering – whether its pigeons or noisy, aggressive gulls it pays to call the experts.

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