Post and Wire Bird Control

Kent Bird Control Post and Wire Bird Deterrent.

We install pigeon and seagull post and wire systems to keep pest birds off properties in Kent.

Post and wire is a popular choice among many of customers due to its robust features.

The system comprises of stainless steel posts and steel coated thin wire which are fitted under tension with springs.

This make it a long lasting deterrent against pigeons or gulls.

The advantages of installing post and wire.

One of the benefits is that post and wire bird control is very discreet and can barely be seen from the ground.

This makes it an ideal choice for keeping pest birds off roof ridge tiles.

We also fit this bird deterrent to window sills and roof ledges.

The system is more suited to flat surfaces and be drilled into place or fixed with an industry standard mastic.

Does it work for pigeons and seagulls?

Yes it does. The posts come in varying lengths and will be fitted according to the type of bird causing problems.

The posts either come pre-welded to shaped brackets for rounded or pointed ridge tiles or we can install posts into Defender post holders.


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