Solar panel pigeon protection Canterbury

Solar panel pigeon protection Canterbury, Kent.

Our bird control company in Canterbury, Kent protect solar panels from nesting pigeons.

One of the most common problems we come against in Canterbury, are pigeons nesting underneath solar panels.

Solar panels make great homes for pest pigeons offering warmth and shelter from the elements.

It’s the ultimate home to nest and lay eggs – we refer to these as hotels for pigeons!

Why? You might find one or two move in initially. Over a short period of time more and more birds move in under the solar panels causing a range of problems:

  • Noise – scratching around at 5AM in the morning is no fun for the occupiers of the property.
  • Blocked gutters and down pipes – as they become full this causes over spill onto conservatories, garden furniture and patios
  • The infestation will cause a putrid smell
  • Secondary infestation of bacteria and other parasites.
  • Breakdown of solar panels – the connector blocks under the solar panels can be become corroded from the acidic content in the bird guano
  • Slippery patios or decking and the risk of transferring droppings to the inside of your home

Our bird control company in Canterbury can help protect your solar panels from a pigeon infestation.

What we can do to protect your solar panels.

We offer a variety of services which include installing bird protection around the perimeter of the solar panels. You have a choice of a galvanized or stainless steel system.

Both are long lasting and provide equal protection against pest pigeons.

Note: We do not drill into solar panels which would void your warranty.

We also offer a full cleaning service of the gutters and the solar panels which will help maintain their effectiveness.

Potential additional cost:

There are occasions where we can install bird protection to stop pigeons from nesting under solar panels without the need for any access platform.

However you should know, that more often than not a scaffold will need to be erected for access and to act as a fall arrest.

Fortunately we work with a local scaffold company who offers our customers a very affordable scaffold service.

We cover all Kent towns and go as far as Surrey, Sussex and London.

If you are encountering pigeon causing a nuisance under your solar panels in Canterbury call the experts today before your solar panels stop working! Call Kent Bird Control Services 01233 500332 or 07802 270407.

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